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Disability Studies

A guide to resources related to disability studies

Books in Colgate Libraries

NOTE: Our catalog uses Library of Congress Subject Headings, which may or may not reflect the current preferred language used in Disability Studies. As disability studies continues to be highly medicalized, you may need to use scientific terms or consult materials focused on medical treatments.

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People with Disabilities
Children with Disabilities
Disability Studies
Sociology of Disability
People with Disabilities - Education

Specific Disabilities


Call Numbers

Found on Case Main Level 2

  • HD7255-7256: Vocational rehabilitation, employment for people with disabilities
  • HV888-907: Protection, assistance and relief: Children with Disabilities
  • HV891-901: Children with developmental disabilities
  • HV1551-3024: Protection, assistance and relief: People with Disabilities
  • HV1570-1570.5: People with developmental disabilities
  • HV1571-2349: Blind people including the deaf and blind
  • HV2350-2990.7: Deaf. Hard of Hearing. Including deaf-mutes.
  • HV2474: American Sign Language
  • HV3000-3003: People who are terminally ill, incurable
  • HV3003.2-3009.5: People with mental disabilities
  • HV3011-3024: People with physical disabilities

Found on Case Main Level 4

  • KF480: Disability law and disability rights
  • LC1200-1203: Inclusive Education
  • LC4001-4806.5: Children and youth with disabilities - education
  • LC4717-4719: Autistic children's education
  • LC4812-4827: Adults with Disabilities - education
  • PN1590 H36: Performing Arts - people with disabilities

Found in Cooley Science Library

  • RC372-389: Neurosciences: perception disorders, speech disorders
  • RC383-388.5: Neurogenic Speech Disorders
  • RC388: Cerebral Palsy
  • RC394: Apraxia, Dyslexia
  • RC424-429: Speech and Language disorders, stuttering, aphasia
  • RC521-524: Dementia and Alzheimer's
  • RC553: Autism and Asperger's syndrome
  • RC569.7-574: Medical perspectives on people with developmental and intellectual disabilities
  • RC802-825.2: Diseases of the digestive system: deglutition disorders, dysphagia
  • RC952-954.6: Geriatrics
  • RD130: Prosthesis
  • RF11-308: Hearing Loss
  • RF290-291: Audiology
  • RF297: Aural Rehabilitation
  • RF465-540: Voice Therapy, laryngology
  • RJ137: Growth & development of children with disabilities
  • RJ496: disorders in children
  • RJ506 D47: Adjustment disorders - developmental disabilities
  • RM950: Rehabilitation technology
  • RZ399: Osteo-magnetics, neuropathy

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Finding Audiobooks

Search the "Genre" subsection of the catalog for "Audiobooks" to browse our small collection of audiobooks. Most titles are related to classical literature and the curriculum in some way.

For leisure reading, you can use the Hamilton Public Library for their collection of audiobooks. Colgate students are eligible for a Library card, and simply need to go to the public library and fill out a form to get access to all resources.

Sources of free audio books

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