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Intergroup Dialogue

Resources for students, faculty and staff at Colgate who are interested in learning more about Intergroup Dialogue/Relations.

What is Critical Whiteness?

"Critical Whiteness Studies is an interdisciplinary project—with scholars from legal studies, literature and rhetorical studies, film and visual studies, class and feminist studies, etc.—that contributes to critical race theory." --Jennifer Beech,  White Out: A Guidebook for Teaching and Engaging with Critical Whiteness Studies

"An important objective of [Critical Whiteness Studies] is to make whiteness visible, in order to disrupt white dominated systems of power. White norms permeate white dominated society, yet these norms appear to be common and value-neutral to the social groups that benefit from them. These norms create the standards by which “difference” is constructed. Scholars in the field seek to make explicit the ways in which whiteness is a determinant of social power and to demonstrate how whiteness works through its invisibility. Whiteness often goes unnoticed for those who benefit from it, but, for those who don’t, whiteness is often blatantly and painfully ubiquitous." --Barbara Applebaum, "Critical Whiteness Studies," Oxford Research Encyclopedias, Education. 2016.


These are books from the Colgate Libraries collection. Some resources were identified through the open access ebook "Towards a Bibliography of Critical Whiteness Studies." Most resources are from searches using keywords and subject headings of "Critical Whiteness," "White People," "White Race," "Whiteness," and "White People."

Suggested Web Readings

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