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Colgate and Local Newspapers

Historical Regional Newspapers

Historical and Regional Newspapers with specific emphesis on titles held in Special Collections

NOTE: ALL MICROFILM IS AVAILABLE THROUGH LASR. Materials in Special Collections have limited hours and special regulations for use.

Please also see our Primary Source Chronology

Brookfield Courier
Case Microfilm: 1878-1935
Earlville Standard
Case Microfilm: 1893-1928 (1929-1940 paper copy in Special Collections; too fragile for use)

Chenango Valley News (Hamilton, NY)
Case Special Collections: v. 1-7, no. 8 (1989-1995)

Democratic Reflector
Case Special Collections: 1843-46; 1853-1856

Democratic Republican
Case Microfilm: 1863-1868;1871-1884
Case Special Collections: 1863-1877

Hamilton Boy Scouts: Be Prepared
Case Special Collections  May, 1918

Hamilton Citizen
Case Special Collections  July 28, 1939

Hamilton Courier
Case Special Collections: 1834-1837

Hamilton Eagle
Case Special Collections: 1839-1840

Hamilton Gazette
Case Special Collections  May 23, 1816 (Photocopy)

Hamilton Palladium
Case Special Collections 1839-1843

Hamilton Republican
Case Special Collections: 1887-1947
Case Microfilm: 1887-1902

Hamilton Sentinel
Case Special Collections: 1834

Hamilton Sentinel
Case Special Collections: 1890-1894

Hamilton Tribune
Case Special Collections:  v. 7 no. [9]-v. 192, no. 27 (May 3, 1995-July 3-13, 1999)

Democratic Volunteer (Hamilton and Morrisville) Case Special Collections: 1866-1878

Madison County Journal
Case Special Collections  1850-1852  Scattered issues

Madison Farmer
Case Special Collections  1828-1829  Scattered issues

Madison County
Madison County Eagle (Cazenovia)
Case Special Collections: 1841-1843

Madison County Leader (Morrisville) and Leader Observer (Morrisville)
Special Collections: 1891-1947
Case Microfilm:  18 April 1907-Dec. 1946

The Voice of Madison County
Case Special Collections  v.1, no. 1, 1960- v.1, no. 2, Oct 31, 1960

Independent Vounteer/Democratic Volunteer

Case Special Collections 1860-1888
Madison County Gazette
Case Special Collections  July 31, 1817 (Photocopy)

Madison Observer (Morrisville)
Case Special Collections: 1822-23, 1835

Oneida Indian Nation
Oneida Indian Nation : [newsletter]
Case Journals: v. 4, no. 4, v. 7, nos. 3-5, 7-8, v. 8, nos. 2-8, nos. 10-11, and special issue (6/96); (Apr. 1993-Dec. 1997)
Weekly Pioneer (Poolville)
Case Special Collections: 1879-1880
photocopies only
Syracuse Herald American
see Current Subscriptions/Post-Standard (Syracuse) for current paper issues Online: 1998--   available from Online
Waterville Times
Case Microfilm: 1857-1864
Special Collections also has scattered issues of the following local newspapers, most dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries: The Civilian, Common Sense, Democratic Union, Democratic Volunteer, The Midland New Yorker,  and The No-License Advocate

Other New York State Historical Newspapers

America's Historical Newspapers (Newsbank/Readex)
 contains many (though not all) of the microform titles listed below in a digital format plus many other titles
Constitutional Gazette (microfilm, on NY Chronicle reel)
Case Microfilm: 1775-1776
New York Journal
Case Microfilm: 1766-1776
Harper's Weekly
Case Special Collections: v. 1-62 (1857-1916)
Online:   1857-1865
New York Mercury
Case Microfilm: 1752-1768
Independent Journal
Case Microfilm: 1783-1788
New York Tribune
Case Microfilm 1859-1870
New York Chronicle
Case Microfilm: 1775-1776
New York Weekly Journal
Case Microfilm: 1733-1768
New York Evening Post
Case Microfilm  1875-1920
New York Times
Case Circulation Desk: current issues only
Case Microfilm:  1851-
New York Gazette
Case Microfilm: 1759-1767
Rivington's Royal Gazette
Case Microprint  1773-1783
New York Herald 
Case Microfilm 1857-1868
Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online

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