Assessing Journals & Publishers

A guide focused on assessing journals and book publishers for publication

Things to Assess

If you are new or unfamiliar with ways to assess, this page gives you some general information that many people use when evaluating publishers, as well as showing the impact and significance of their own research. Some questions may be answered by visiting the publisher's website, while others are only available through contacting them directly.


  • How many titles did the publisher release that year?
  • What is their acceptance rate?
  • How many copies of this volume exist in WorldCat?
  • Was this title reviewed in Choice? How was it ranked?
  • Was this title reviewed elsewhere? Check the Book Review Index.
  • How many times has this title been cited? Check the Citation Analysis.
  • Has this title received awards, recognition, etc.?


  • Acceptance Rate
  • Invited Article?
  • Time lag for publication
    • Acknowledge receipt of manuscript: yes/no? when?
    • Time lag between receipt of manuscript to decision:
    • Published approximately _______ months after accepted.
  • Referred/Peer reviewed
    • Yes/no?
    • By how many reviewers?
    • What type of review? (blind, etc.)
  • How many times has the article been cited?
    • Self-citation:
    • Other:

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