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Assessing Journals & Publishers

A guide focused on assessing journals and book publishers for publication

Who do I contact?

For journals, contact the main editor and/or the editing board. This information is often on the journal's website.

For books, contact the editors or an agent.

What do I say?

Here is some sample text you can use in your email when contacting publishers.

Dear Dr. XXXXX,

On behalf of the Colgate University Promotion and Tenure Committee, I am requesting certain data pertaining to the journal “XXXXXXX" for use in a tenure review.

The specific data sought include:

  • The journal's circulation (number of print subscriptions and/or article downloads),
  • the acceptance rate for submitted research articles,
  • and the average time lag between article submission and publication.

Would you be so kind as to forward my request to the appropriate editor?

The data will be used only once in a confidential tenure review.


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