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FSEM 187 - Age of American Revolution

This guide brings together library resources for Prof. Hodges' Fall 2023 course.

Interlibrary Loan

The library's interlibrary loan service allows you to request books and articles from other libraries when they are not available at Colgate. Click on the link to activate your account using your Colgate portal login and password. You can also access this service from the link beneath the main search box on the library home page.

Keep Track of Your Sources

Library Research Module (in Moodle)

Library Research Tutorial

An academic library can be a daunting place, but we are here to help you! You can make an appointment to meet with a librarian for research help at any time, but if you would like an introduction and overview of our services, take a look at the Library Research Tutorial. This Moodle module provides basic information about the library, our resources and services, and information concepts such as plagiarism, citation, evaluating sources, and more. 

The module consists of 16 short readings/videos, plus quiz questions. The tutorial takes about 90 minutes to complete, but you can work at your own pace, and stop and come back again at your convenience.

To self-enroll, click here

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