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EDUC 339/539 & WMST 339 - Critical and Feminist Disability Studies

Prof. Jaffee's Spring 2022 class

Best Bets

Apps and Software Discussed in Class

  • Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells - Scifi series with an agender and asexual main character that's just amazing and everyone should read it.
  • Nebo - Handwriting to real text that you can export to .doc.
  • Look to Speak - Use your eyes to select text and speak aloud. (Android Only)
  • Speech Assistant - Free AAC board (Android Only)
  • EVA Facial Mouse - Use your head movements to control your tablet (Android Only)
  • Enable Viacam - Mouse alternative, use your webcam to control your mouse with your head (PC only)
  • SensusAccess - Through Colgate, you can OCR image-only PDFs and change them to different formats
  • Speechnotes - Dictation app
  • CV Simulator/Chromatic Vision Simulator - Use your camera to simulate 3 common types of color blindness.
  • Live Transcribe - Supports multiple languages, transcribes voice as you speak. NOW HAS COPY-PASTE!!
  • Legere Reader - Assistive reading with text-to-speech (Android only)
  • VoiceDream Reader -Assistive reading with text-to-speech (iOS only)
  • Astonishing Comic Reader - comic book reader app with strong zooming capabilities
  • FlappyHappy Stim toys - Stim Toy store run by Autistics. Great prices, support an autistic-owned business!! (worthy successor to Stimtastic)
  • Speechless - TV show clips shown in class. Streaming on Hulu, or you can buy/rent it from Google Play, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and iTunes.
  • Marvel's Daredevil - streaming on Netflix until Feb 28, 2022. (remember to turn on the Audio Description)

Colgate University Libraries | 13 Oak Drive, Hamilton, NY 13346 | 315-228-7300