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New Student Orientation

Golden Ticket

Hidden throughout Case-Geyer are 50 golden tickets. Each envelope contains a $5 gift card to the Hamilton Theater, Flour & Salt, or the Colgate Bookstore.


Activities By Floor

Outdoor Patio

Whitney Road, Live Band

Games on the Patio



Chobani Cafe Samples

COVE Voter Registration

Recycled shirt bags 

University Museums Crafts



LASR viewing room selfie

Essential Oils Station

Make your own whiteboard/neon signs



WRCU DJ station

Club Case Stickers + Candy Stations

Projector Mapping Demonstration

Exhibit - Creatures, Real and Imagined: A Showcase of Illustrations from the Rare Book Collections of the Colgate University Libraries



Make your own button

Alpha Art

Historic and unique materials on display

Jigsaw puzzles

Chess Board

Coloring pages



Colgate University Libraries | 13 Oak Drive, Hamilton, NY 13346 | 315-228-7300