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EDUC 339/539 & WMST 339 - Critical and Feminist Disability Studies

Prof. Jaffee's Spring 2022 class

What is a zine?

Basically, a zine is a small magazine you create yourself. It can be any size, any shape, any topic, or no topic at all. You can fill it with your own art or comics, or use collage to create something new. You can fill it with stories, poetry, scientific ponderings, manifestos, Star Wars quotes, woodcut prints, dried flowers, fanfiction, love letters, hate letters... whatever! Zines can be a physical items, or a webzine, or both. You can be the only contributor, or you can get some friends together to create something unique.

Zines have been used as assignments at Colgate for years, allowing students to explore their creativity along with their research. Some examples include the IGD Zine by Prof. Meika Loe's Immigrant and Sexual Cultures, which explores what Intergroup Dialog (IGD) is. There are several archives of zines, including the Queer Zine Archive Project, Barnard College's Zine collection, and Colgate's own zine collection.

You can find more resources about what a zine is, as well as teaching and learning with zines, from

How to Make a Zine?

The simplest way to start is to take a piece of blank printer paper, fold it in half like a book, and start writing or drawing! You can add extra pages, staple them together, and voila--the first copy. Use a scanner or copier to make several more copies, and start distributing your zine around campus.

I want to get a little more fancy than that. This is for a class.

There are a lot of creative ways you can fold paper to create smaller zines, or fold-out zines, or interactive zines. YouTube has a ton of videos on how to do it! Wikibooks has a tutorial on folding zines.

I'm terrible at drawing. Can't I just use the computer?

Absolutely, you can! As a Colgate student, faculty or staff, you have access to the whole Adobe Suite through ITS. You can create your zine pages in Adobe Photoshop and print them off. InDesign from Adobe allows you to create and print off booklets; this video will show you how. You can also use Microsoft Word or Publisher to create your zines. There are lots of templates, too, that you can download:

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